3D3: Classical Art meets Pop Culture

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In this unique and creative assignment, students were tasked to merge classical paintings with pop culture elements. 


They selected a classical painting as a template, replicating compositions and lighting while making everything in 3D. From iconic movie characters to futuristic landscapes, this creative mix of past and present ideas sparked some imaginative and funny narratives. 


Through this assignment, students learn the ability to make a visual impact by adding details, textures, and realism to their scenes. Challenging their technical skills and their understanding of artistic expression!



Student work by: Nina Blomme, Dayron Desmet, Ward Deceuninck, Klaas De Geest, Elias De Poot, Falko Krischel, Timothee Lee, Jelle Meersschaut, Sofia Mongini, Melania Pana, Emily Valkeneers, Jolien Vansteenkiste.