3D3: Disgusting Blobs

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As part of the second assignment of 3D3, the students were tasked to create a disgusting blob material by utilizing the shader utilities in Arnold, which they would then apply onto a spherical object. 


The objective of this exercise was to evaluate the students' comprehension of all the Arnold shader attributes, specifically with a focus on displacement, and how they could manipulate them using nodes. The anticipated outcome was to exhibit a combination of two to three different gory materials and to look photorealistic.


The challenge of this assignment lies in the fact that material needs to be created procedurally without the use of any textures, but solely utilizing Maya/Arnold nodes.


Charbel Saade


Brikke Huygen


Glenn Depauw


Benjamin Vial


Finn De Brie


Aeryn Wegner


Jakob van Blarikom