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Introducing 'Game for Thought', the inaugural livestream series launched by Howest University of Applied Sciences Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) in collaboration with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Flanders Game Hub, Flemish Games Association (FLEGA), and, tackling ethically-relevant topics in the industry.

Hosted by Allie Weis and streaming monthly from our campus The Level, we'll critically evaluate topics at the intersection of games & digital entertainment, ethics, and society. We'll explore the impacts and implications of industry developments while reflecting upon our responsibilities as creators, addressing the capacity of games to transcend its virtual reality. How does the games world affect the contemporary world beyond the screens - and vice versa?



Streaming via Twitch, available on our YouTube channel. Find all the topics below:


15 May 2024: Games & Politics



Avaiable on our YouTube channel. Find all the topics below:



How much Violence is TOO Much Violence? (Featuring John MacInnes of Macinnes Studios, Jessica Murrey of Wicked Saints Studios, and Suzanne Freyjadis of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)) 

Mental Health in the Industry (Featuring Keisha Howard of Sugar Gamers, Rachel Kowert of Take This, Inc. and Psychgeist, and Jean-Gobert De Coster of Funtomata SA)

Games for Good: Beyond Entertainment (Featuring Sabiha Ghellal of Stuttgart Media University, Glenn Gilis of Sea Monster Entertainment, Elizabeth Newbury of the Wilson Center's Serious Games Institute, and Eric Zimmerman of NYU Game Center) 

Neurodiversity in Digital Entertainment (Featuring Pierre Escaich of Ubisoft, Coty Craven of Vision Works, Lisanne Meinen of University of Antwerp, and Alan Jack of Glasgow Caledonian University)

Religion in Games (Featuring Bram de Ridder of Sunken Tower, Rachel Wagner of Ithaca College, Lars de Wildt of University of Groningen, and Liesbeth Last of KTA Brugge/ KU Leuven)

Intro to: Being a Parent of a Gamer (Featuring Paul Darvasi of Gold Bug Interactive and the Serious Play Conference, Hannah Dam of Healthy Gamer, Kat Schrier of Marist College, and Ian Schreiber of Mobile Game Doctor)

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Be sure to read the Game for Thought blog posts, powered by our friends over at Pirate PR, which are a perfect supplement to the livestreams and offer a recap/ written highlight reel of the discussions!

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Don't forget to check out the Game for Thought podcast, co-hosted by DAE students Maxime-Benoit Noffels, Jo Efthymiadou, March Gutman, and Gust Redant!


Season 1 & 2 archive: 



Have a question about anything Game for Thought-related? Feel free to contact Allie Weis, Ethics Coordinator in International Game Development: