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One of the key areas of DAE is to establish strong links with the industry. This allows us to anticipate the needs and demands of the field and to foster innovation through partnerships between education and industry. 


Interested in building meaningful connections, contact



We want to ensure our students have the best learning opportunities by inviting industry professionals to share to inspire them with their passion and knowledge. 


Subjects can vary from a post-mortem of a newly released game to drawing animals with Aaron Blaise. From a very technical talk to The Voice of Mario. Truly anything is possible!




The DAE curriculum undergoes a complete review every three to four years – besides the yearly talks with the internship companies. We ask thorough feedback about hard and soft skills, the newest technologies, latest innovations… Based upon this input, we build and re-build our curriculum together with and for the industry.




This extraordinary event, co-organized by DAE, invites you to dive headfirst into the thrilling realm of games, music, film, media, and beyond, while uncovering the untapped potential that lies within their crossovers.


UNWRAP. is not only a conference with a diverse range of enlightening talks, interactive workshops, and productive matchmaking sessions.


UNWRAP. also hosts a Career & Internship Fair, a dating place for highly skilled DAE talent and companies on the lookout for employees & interns.


And let’s not forget the afterparties to provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where attendees can unwind, socialize, and build meaningful relationships.






Our students tackle industry cases during their last year group project. Depending on the major they have chosen, the project can be a film project (vfx or animation) or a game project. 


Would you like to do a project with our students? is your man.