DAEstudios releases ZombieSwipe

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Our very own DAEstudios have released ZombieSwipe, available on the App Store and Google Play.


ZombieSwipe is a new type of defensive game. Here you have to keep Stacey - our beautiful young damsel in distress - safe from all the zombies and other kinds of monsters that want to eat her! Save Stacey by using fast swipe actions and crazy weaponry!


DAE studios

DAE studios is a spinoff of Digital Arts and Entertainment.
The core team consists of alumni and teachers: 

-Alumnus Marin Brouwers: Lead Artist

-Alumnus Fries Boury: Lead Developer

-Teacher Brecht Kets Tech Direction

-Teacher Mike Ptacek: Art Direction


DAE interns, foreign interns and other DAE teachers contributed to the production. The project also received financial support from the VAF