Character Creation 22-23

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Transitioning from foundational ZBrush skills acquired in the Sculpting course, the Character Creation module delves into advanced techniques for sculpting three-dimensional forms, with a focus on precision and control. In contrast to the Sculpting course, Character Creation places a pronounced emphasis on anatomical considerations as its central theme.


The primary objective is mastering organic elements with precision, encompassing dynamic cloth folds, the human body, animal facial features, and hair flow. Our aspiration is to attain professional standards established by the industry.


However, the course extends beyond these fundamentals. Sculpting intricate anatomical structures results in dense, high-resolution meshes unsuitable for real-time applications. 


Our ultimate goal is to adeptly optimize these sculpts into game assets, rendering them compatible with various game engines.Through dedicated effort and guidance, our second-year students have expanded the boundaries of their creativity and technical prowess.


The course comprises four distinct assignments, each varying in size and scope:

  1. Freestyle Speedsculpt: Initiate sculpting from a sphere within a one-hour time limit.
  2. Hybrid Humanoid Animal: Merge an animal's head with a human body, placing substantial emphasis on sculpting clothing.
  3. Realistic Face: Transform a detailed face sculpt into a real-time character.
  4. Character exam: Develop a real-time character bust, with the option to include legs.















Freestyle speedsculpt:

Vivien Siemers


Hybrid humanoid animal:

Matej Baksi | Artjoms Horosilvos | Sina Ladage | Lars Maes | Tuomas Paul | Alina Roessner | Vivien Siemers | Alex Sterneckert


Realistic face:

Joan Tieu | Matej Baksi | Valeria Balaneva | Annija Bodniece | Giacomo Filotto | Tuomas Paul | Alina Roessner | Eric Schmitz | Aratt Van Collie | Denitsa Velikova | Vivien Siemers | Zena Steenmans | Denitsa Velikova


Character exam:

Matej Baksi | Valeria Balaneva | Sina Ladage | Tuomas Paul | Christiane Schaper | Vivien Siemers | Dennis Skodda | Arrat Van Collie