Character Design Collection 2023

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Welcome to this comprehensive collection of character design art for 2023. Join us as we delve into the diverse array of assignments that inspired these creative endeavors.




The character design exam assignment for the 2022-2023 students focused on creating a distinctive bounty hunter character within the expansive Star Wars universe. Possessing a truly unique personality, skillset, appearance, and overall vibe. To accomplish this, they had to delve into research, create concept sketches, and use real-life photographs as references. The goal was to design a character in a 3/4 front view.


In addition to the final render, students were required to provide an extra page of visual information explaining the character's operational methods, hunting techniques, and weaponry. The following are the impressive results of their endeavors.


Theoni Fotoglou

Bram Verheyen | Vivien Siemers | Tuomas Paul | Giacomo Filotto | Matej Baksi | Allesia Faroppa | Lars Maes | Jules Joris | Mariia Ogneva




Using various techniques, students were tasked to create concept art of full-body alien astronauts. Taking inspiration from real-life insects and actual spacesuits, the aim was to fashion sci-fi creatures with humanoid attributes, ensuring the presence of a complete head. The designs demanded a realistic appearance, with a partially visible portrait to ensure a credible appearance. The astronauts were envisioned clad in space suits that exuded believability, while still affording a glimpse of the portrait. Experimenting with diverse body types, stretching, deforming, and reshaping, along with manipulating standard human proportions, was encouraged. The addition of extra arms or body parts was allowed, yet the overall tone retained a sense of seriousness.


Bram Verheyen | Theoni Fotoglou | Lars Maes | Alessia Faroppa | Marii Ogneva




The aim of this assignment was to create a fully-fledged, realistic character evoking a "timeless" and strong conceptual look and feel. Seeking inspiration from conceptual fashion design, striving for originality, and deviating from typical magician designs. Students also had to add at least one additional feature or aspect that reflects their personality, such as their background or interests. Additionally, incorporating a small pet that aligns harmoniously with their personality and the chosen elemental theme.

Bram Verheyen | Tuomas Paul | Lorena Muenzberg | Irina Giurgea | Giacomo Filotto | Matej Baksi | Alessia Faroppa | Theoni Fotoglou | Jules Joris | Lars Maes | Eric Schmitz




This task involved designing a vivid ¾ perspective bust of a fantasy god or demon, drawing inspiration from the captivating mythology of ancient gods and demons from Asia, Africa, or Central/South America. The goal is to breathe life into a ‘living’ character, without using masks or sculptures, but infusing the essence found in masks and sculptures into the design. While also blending the characteristics of real portraits with those observed in Asian, African, or Mayan masks and sculptures.

Bram Verheyen | Tuomas Paul | Theoni Fotoglou |Timeea Dragomir | Matej Baksi | Alessia Faroppa | Lars Maes | Mariia Ogneva | Eric Schmitz | Ausrine Valionyte | Jana Baloghova