Compositing 3

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In this next stage of compositing we will start to focus more on more specialized techniques & workflows within the VFX realm.

On the one hand we will dive deep into keying, the technique where we can separate a subject from an even colored background (mostly green or blue). We will start with some easy examples, but quickly progress to real live action footage.
To really grasp what is important to produce good green key footage it's also very important to broaden your knowledge about cameras, lenses, lights, filters and everything within the live action film production world. So in this course we will introduce you to the green key studio, the film cameras and all other available film tools at DAE.

This will result in you filming your own green key shots that we will use as source footage to make good keyed out characters. Combining these with other footage of fire, water, ink or other detail shots will give you a chance to express your creativity to produce a fictional film credit sequence.

Technologies used: Blackmagic Fusion, Adobe Suite