Preproduction 1

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The focus of Preproduction 1 lies largely on perspective drawing. Creating preproduction for games and films requires a profound knowledge of perspective. 

You will master one-, two- and three-point perspective and the use of basic as well as more advanced techniques.


Preproduction 1 also focuses on basic analogue and digital shading. You will use Adobe Photoshop for digital painting, starting in greyscale before we move on to color in Preproduction 2. This course explains the whole design methodology which will allow you to create your own design based on references and story. At the end of this module you are able to create your own advanced objects in perspective and apply a greyscale shading to it, using the five basic principles of shading. 


The contents of this module: 

  • Perspective techniques, one-, two- and three-point perspective
  • Observation drawing and form studies
  • Shading principles
  • Design principles
  • Presentation techniques
  • Working with Wacom tablets and digital shading tools like Adobe Photoshop
  • The whole design methodology, from gathering references and creating thumbnails to a finished painting


Technologies used:



Shading exercise, starting with basic shapes and applying the principles of light


 Project: City scene


 End Assignment by Chau Nguyen: designing and shading an advanced object in perspective