Stylized Design

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In this course we will learn about what defines a specific artistic style for movies or games. We will start by analyzing existing well-defined art styles and learn how to read and create an art bible for these styles. We will see how we could Implement them to our own work and designs as an individual or as part of a team. Just as you would in an industry environment.

Once we understand the concept of a strongly established style we will start developing a style of our own, we will learn how we can communicate the principles of this style to someone else.

you will further develop your design and content creating skills to create concepts for games or animation / VFX.
We will focus on look development, design, color and presentation while learning new techniques and optimizing your workflow in function of the style you are working in. 







Contents of this module:


  • Analyzing a given style
  • Creating a style guide based on your analysis
  • Creating assets/concepts based on a style guide
  • Learning how to communicate a style to a team
  • Presenting your designs in a professional way
  • Building on your general design skills.