TAD Eindhoven & Everything Procedural 2024

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Last week, some people from DAE went to visit The Art Department in Eindhoven. The Art Department is the spotlight for everything around the design process of films, animation and games. There were a lot of different things to do during these 2 days:

On Thursday there were multiple guest speakers who have worked on some popular films, for example Michael Relth. He had worked with clients like Riot Games, Disney, Netflix, and more. Edwin Rhemrev is a set designer and art director who is known for his works on over 20 animated features, like Despicable Me 3, The Grinch, Minions: the rise of Gru, My Little Pony, SpongeBob and many more. The art director from some iconic series and movies like Rick and Morty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and both Spider-Verse installments, Jeffrey Thompson. 

On Friday guests such like Armand Serrano, who was involved with companies such as Walt Disney Studios, Sony and the Marvel Studios. Rob Bliss, who made art for Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Last of Us and many more. Even our own students Mari Gallet and Theon Fotoglou stood on stage and talked about their creation of ‘Giant of the Steppe’.  

Not only were there guest talks, but there was much more to do. There was an area where artists worked live on their crafts, people could experience the process, ask questions or join them. At the art market, a lot of small artists sold their handmade products. Students had the chance to let professionals review their portfolios and network with each other. DAE had a showcase too of our student work.

The Art Department is organized by Playgrounds. Playgrounds is a platform which showcases and celebrates the creative image.  They have several festivals year-round, which focus on a different topic each time. So they had two In Motion festivals in 2023, one in London and one in Rotterdam. These were all about motion design. They have their own tv channel too where they broadcast inspiring talks, panels, demo’s and studio visits on a regular basis.

Everything Procedural

From Monday 15/04 to Friday 19/04, Breda University of Applied Sciences hosted the Everything Procedural Conference for a variety of lectures, talks, demonstrations and masterclasses in the field of procedural content generation for games. For example there were multiple masterclasses to create 3D landscapes for beginners as well as for advanced. Our students and staff had the opportunity to visit the conference and masterclasses, where they gained deeper insights into proceduralism. 


The event offered many opportunities to meet and share knowledge with fellow developers. Definitely a must-visit for any developer interested in expanding their skills in the great world of Houdini. It was possible to see all showcases of student works in Houdini and Unreal.


This week you can find us in Bruges at ‘Over Morgen’ and ‘FMX’ in Stuttgart!