Middleware 2

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Students enrolled in our Game Sound Integration (GSI) major have Middleware courses. Middleware is a layer of software that sits inbetween applications and enables communication and data management across various systems.


The ‘Middleware 2’ course delves into more advanced concepts. Beginning with a recap of another course ‘Sound Design 1’, a course about the fundamentals and basic workflow of DAW, Middleware 2 progresses to explore the principles of integrating sound effects in games by the principles of sound design and sound editing. The course aims for students to implement various behaviors of sound in non-linear and non-continuous storylines, like ambient, vocalizations, voices, musical excerpts, sound effects, and foley sounds.? 


For this year’s assignment, our students had to implement audio for a full gameplay session. Students are given a Build of a 3rd-person action game, complete with movement, combat, interactions, environments, and 2 enemies. They are also handed an extensive list of events and parameters called from the game code. It’s their job to design and implement a cohesive sound palette, spatialize and mix the result, consider and enforce gameplay elements, and use the correct strategies for workflow and optimization. 



 Student work by: Liam Nagels | Edwin Molano Sabogal | Arthur Leplae