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The DAE students had the opportunity to travel across the ocean to LA! For many, it was a thrilling first leap into the U.S., swapping Belgium's chill for LA's endless sunshine.


Bright and early on Saturday, we hopped on a bus to Amsterdam and flew off to Los Angeles – the playground of film giants and iconic game studios, not to mention the virtual streets of GTAV! This city's not just about rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars; it's where waves meet the likes of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Upon arrival, a bus took us from the airport to our hostel. That evening, we explored the iconic Santa Monica Pier. 


The next day, some of us hit the waves surfing, others biked under the beach's palm trees. We then toured street art, uncovering stories with our guide. Our day wrapped up in Glitch City, LA's indie game hub, capped off by a stunning pier sunset.

On Monday, some students hit the Warner Brother studios, diving into superhero costumes and iconic TV sets like Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Later, we strolled down Sunset Blvd to the Walk of Fame and tackled a hike to Griffith Observatory, all while soaking in stunning LA views and spotting the famous Hollywood sign! 

From Tuesday to Friday, it was a whirlwind of gaming, vfx and animation company visits!  


We kicked off with Blizzard Entertainment, diving into the worlds of Overwatch and Warcraft, then jetted to Respawn for a Q&A and company tour with a taste of Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order.   


Wednesday split us between the magic of Walt Disney Animation Studios and the tech wonders at Disguise, topped off with a peek into Gnomon's heart of Hollywood education. 

Thursday had us behind Netflix Animation's scenes with DAE alum Marieke van Neutigem. Next, The Third Floor's CEO himself shared his inspiring journey and the technology behind many Hollywood projects.  The finale? An after-party at the Belgian Consulate General of Los Angeles, where students could mingle with representatives from the companies we had visited and Belgians in the LA entertainment industry. What a night for networking! 

Riot Games welcomed us Friday, showcasing their stunning campus and highlighting the career opportunities available. In the afternoon, students soaked up their final LA moments.  


Alas, our epic journey wrapped up on Saturday as we jetted back to Europe, full of unforgettable behind-the-scenes peeks and LA adventures!  


A special thank you to all the people and companies who welcomed and supported us throughout our trip: 


Disguise | Blizzard Entertainment | Walt Disney Animation Studios | Gnomon | Glitch City | Riot Games | The Third Floor | Netflix Animation | PRG | Atlas Academic | Flanders Investment & Trade | Consulaat-Generaal van België in Los Angeles | Respawn Entertainment