Sculpting '2324

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In the sculpting world, creativity knows no bounds! 

The 'Treehouse' sculpting assignment was build on the idea of capturing a sense of childhood nostalgia by encouraging students to choose a fairytale character and design a treehouse that resonates with their world at the age of 10. Full with memories and imagination, they set out to breathe life into their chosen character's world.


Showcasing their comprehensive skills in ZBrush and using AI tools for initial inspiration. From conceptualizeation to finished products, they put everything together into a mersmerizing fantasy home.


In the end, it's not just about mastering a software or refining technical skills. It's about translating great ideas and imagination to final magical shapes.


Jens DeBrabanter

Natalia Grytczuk

Patricija Keica

Austrine Valionyte

Lizzy Verhappen