Creaweek 2024

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We kicked off the second semester with an exciting week dedicated to encouraging the creativity of our students!


The ‘Creaweek’ is a week without normal classes, instead there were a bunch of workshops organized for our students to enlarge the creativity of our students. The first year students had a large variety of workshops to choose from, while the second year students were creating a masterpiece for the game- and film jam. 

The game who won the game jam of this year is: Just keep swiming


‘Just Keep Swimming is an upside down take on the 2.5D platformer genre. When a plug gets pulled from the bottom of the ocean causing the water level to drop, you, a small but chonky pufferfish, embark on a race against the clock to seal that hole.’ The game is made by the following students: Julian Rijken, Xander Berten, Michiel Eeckhout, Jakub Fratczak, Finn Bogaert, Daan van Splunter, Shashwat Patkar, Kris Catteau, Ward Vervoort & Wout Decroos.



To celebrate the results of the Creaweek we had an after party with the DAE band and some fries and snacks!



---> Check all Game Jam projects here: and check the aftermovie here below!



Check out de results of the stopmotion- and VFX jam below!


 Building a space ship fleet with A.I. 

 Digital audio workstation

 Food factory



 Lino cutting

 Marble tracks

 Mini comic

 Miniature painting

 Paper cut



 Sculpting clay

 Sculpting Mech Designs

 SFX make up

 Spaghetti bridges and cartboard



 Voice Acting 

 Pixel Art Sprites

 After party

A taste of acting

Analogue Graphic Technique - Lino Cutting & Printing


Audio Engineering 101

Building a space ship fleet with A.I

Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Lego Creations

DOOM Level building

Food Fun Factory!!!

Fusion 360

Gotta Crochet'em All



Let's get Unreal - Unreal Environments Crash Course

Make your own flipbook

Mini Comic with a single A4 paper

Miniature Painting



PICO8 - Introduction into a virtual Console

Pixel Art Sprites

Programming escape room

Prototyping Gameplay in Rustborn

Puzzle and challenge mania

Scrap Bashing – RoBoTs

Sculpting Clay - Bust

Sculpting Mech Designs

SFX make-up

Smear Frame Animation


Spaghetti bridges and cardboard villages

The Incredible Machine - create interesting vertical marble tracks

Turning your C++ game into a website

VCV Rack - Introduction to modular synthesis

Voice acting