3D1: Dioramas 2024

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Within a few months time, first year students in the 3D1 course learn the entire process of low poly modeling, with a stunning diorama as an end result. This year they could choose between 5 different storylines: Grandma's House, Forest Loner, By The Ocean, Eco-house and Rustborn.  Some of the dioramas are beautiful calm places, some of them are gritty and some take place in a post-apocalyptic environment. What they all have in common is you get lost in their atmosphere and level of detail.



Lizzy Verhappen
Astrid Shulzhuk

Danick Bakker

Kasper Verbiest

Linde Ganne

Erika Molchanova
Stan Verhoeven
Milo Vandenaweele
Alex Vakarelov
Louis Atta-Saow