Animation 4: Assignment 1

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For the first assignment of the Animation 4 course, students made a walk cycle with different animals and creatures. Enjoy the results!


Tiger Animation by Maxine Desmet

Tiger Rig: CG Spectrum experts – Jeremy Chinn, Morgan Loomis, Steve Budd

Fox Animation by Richard Mirrer

Fox Rig: Daniel Moos

Warthog Animation by Arvid Van Thorre

Warthog Rig: Truong

Crocodile Animation by Niels Versporten

Crocodile Rig : Truong

Horse Animation by Wouter Devos

Horse Rig: Dmitri Kolpakov

Eevee Animation by Luna Vanhaezebrouck

Eevee Rig: Ahmed Gamal

Meerkat Animation by Perry Wubben

Meerkat Rig: Truong

Animation by Jitse Peeraer

Boxy Saber Tooth Tiger: Truong


Animations by Maarten Leys
Rigs by: Truong