Game Design 1

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Game Design 1 introduces first year students from Game Graphics Production, Game Development and Independent Game Production to the basic principles of game design. This way our students have a solid understanding of what makes a game tick when they move on to Game Projects in the second year.


During a weekly theory class, basic game elements are identified and discussed. This is then followed up in the lab classes where (non-digital) existing games are played, analyzed and adapted. In the following weeks, students embark on their first real game design journey when they create their own card game. Not only the final game prototype and the game mechanics are important, also the process by which this is achieved. Students will be monitored on a weekly basis.


In the final weeks, students come together in groups to develop a board game and present a prototype at the end of the first year. The final product needs to demonstrate clearly how the final game will function.


Moreover, students will be assessed on how they present their game, on how they worked as an individual and even more importantly on how they functioned as a team member and a team.


In this module, the student will deal with:

  • Prototype documents
  • Prototyping techniques
  • The simple visualization of a concept


Technologies used: Pen and paper