AI in production of games & animation

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The DAE research group has been focused on the use of AI in the game and VFX sector since 2017.


AAA game and VFX companies worldwide are investing into means of augmenting the productions processes with artificial intelligence. The focus on this (mostly internal) research is not to replace designers and developers but to augment the production pipelines by analyzing the workflow in the company and identifying the choke points in the process.


In this TETRA project we want to explore, together with our steering group of Flemish SMEs,  how AI can be used  in their (pre) production pipelines by analyzing the feasibility of a couple of useful and narrow focus use cases. The transfer and valorization of these use cases towards indie companies and big studios is a must have for this project.


The use cases we are thinking about:


AI For Testing

How can bots be used to implement a continuous quality control and testing of the game world or VFX environments? For this use case we want to develop a strategy that can be used for different types of visualizations or games. Bots would be trained to play the game or recognize the elements of the visualization and to log errors or mistakes in the production. An additional advantage is that bots can work in accelerated time, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

AI for Animations

What is the workflow to convert motion capture data into flexible animations for use in games and visualizations by using phase neural networks?

AI for NPC Dialogues

AI for dialogues: Can conversational AI be used in the interactions between player and NPCs? How can we augment the production process to make it easier to reflect the game world into the dialogues and ensure the story line remains consistent across the production process.


More information can be found on the project website.


Funding: Vlaio, 1 year


If you want to participate as a member of our steering group, or want more information on the project, please contact