DAE Vault

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Introducing the DAE Vault! This is a series of online content tailored to New Incoming students with a passion for the interactive and pre-rendered 3D world. With the guidance of our lecturers, you will discover different topics we teach at DAE. It will let you try out different softwareand techniques we teach at DAE, which you will see more in-depth if you decide to enroll in the programme. 


The videos will be Premiered on Youtube, some videos will be more tailored as an introduction with follow-along content, while others will be more tailored to show the different skills we teach within the curriculum. Below you will find more information regarding the schedule when each video will be Premiered. 




Tune in via Youtube on Wednesdays at 14h00: 


February 17th, 2021: 'Introduction 3D in Maya'

March 3rd, 2021: 'Level Decoration in Unreal'

March 10th, 2021: 'Introduction to Programming C++'

March 24th, 2021: 'Sculpting in Zbrush'

March 31st, 2021: 'Digital Painting'

April 21st, 2021: 'Preproduction'

April 28th, 2021: 'Math in Houdini SideFX'

May 12th, 2021: 'How to build a small game in Unity'

May 19th, 2021: 'Introduction to 2D in Photoshop'


The series and topics will be Premiered on Youtube at the timeschedule mentioned above. During the Premiere of the videos, you will be able to ask questions in the chatbox. Afterwards the videos will be available on the channel to rewatch.




This is the first session in the DAE Vault series on the topic ‘Introduction 3D in Autodesk Maya’. Our lecturer and DAE alumna – Goedele Godfroid, will take you through the process of how to work with the modelling tools of Maya, explaining the differences of High Poly and Low Poly modelling, Interface, Basic primitives and Rendering. 



In this session in the DAE Vault series our Major Coordinator of Game Graphics Production and DAE alumnus – Dries Deryckere, will give you a tour and starter guide to some introduction settings of Unreal Engine, including a brief overview on how to setup a quick project, getting started with creating a level, focusing mainly on lighting, atmosphere, setting up materials and a nice scene with some neat tips and tricks. 



This session in the DAE Vault series is on the topic ‘Introduction to Programming C++’. DAE lecturer – Tom Tesch, will introduce you to the concept of programming in C++, where you will see a semi-practical example on how to code a Sudoku game.




This session in the DAE Vault series is on the topic ‘Sculpting in ZBrush’. DAE lecturer & alumnus– Oskar Kuijken, will show you the joys of sculpting in Pixologic ZBrush, translating a great concept by artist Guille Garcia into a 3D model while focusing on the shapes and colors. 




This session in the DAE Vault series is on the topic ‘Digital Painting’. DAE lecturer & alumnus– Thijs De Rijcke, will go over the process of creating a small stylized environment scene using Photoshop, in 3 steps: drawing the line-art, the rendering setup, and final rendering.




This session in the DAE Vault series is on the topic ‘Preproduction’. DAE lecturer & alumnus– Lino Drieghe, will explain what preproduction is in the industry, and what is taught at Digital Arts and Entertainment. You will see a little bit of sketching, going over references, visual library and how you can practice drawing.