Applied Math and Physics 2

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This applied maths course unit embraces physics as well: upon its opening topics with parameters and béziers, it aims for Newtonian realism via kinematics (motion) and dynamics (force) leading to collision handling.  Learning complex numbers and applying them for 2D-effects, takes us smoothly to the imaginary 3D space being controlled by hypercomplex numbers, eventually enriching your skills with quaternion techniques for 3D-effects.  A deeper understanding of 3D-rotations and its issues comes as a useful bonus.  Finally, we introduce a few vector-based Inverse Kinematics algorithms.

Technology used: Wolfram's Mathematica


[DAE] Turret Rage - Physics Game from Thomas Van Nuffel.

Van Riel Thomas Applied Physics game from DAE.

A small game made in C++ by Thomas Van Riel (1DAE) for Applied Maths and Physics : an exercise on collisiondetection (between frog and rocks/ lilies) , forces and acceleration (from the frog) , reflection (under water) , attraction (between tongue and flies),... Try to catch as many flies as possible…

Bart Verdonk Applied Physics game from DAE.

A small game made in C++ by Bart Verdonck (1DAE) for Applied Maths and Physics : forces, acceleration, velocity, speed and collision detection. Collect all pickups with the car and try to reach the treasure without being hit…

Dries Deryckere Applied Physics game from DAE.

 Another C++ game made by Dries Deryckere.