About Next Academic Year

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Dear Students and future students,


I think you are all very curious about how DAE will be organized next Academic Year.


We spent a great deal of thought and effort on trying to find the best and safest possible solutions. We absolutely want to keep the Quality Label of our curriculum intact. But we also want to act as responsible as possible in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 virus. Given the size of DAE, this wasn’t an easy exercise. Also since we have quite a lot of international students coming over to Belgium to study and who might not get here in time due to Corona restrictions.


During this first lockdown we learned a lot. We learned that offering our curriculum online was not the biggest challenge. Keeping in touch with our students and being able to give face to face feedback turned out to be an invaluable component of our curriculum and our way of teaching. Also the disconnection from the Community turned out to be a huge miss for a lot of you.


In order to be prepared for a possible next wave of Covid-19 we had to take into account a lot of precautions and safety rules. The Level and our entire curriculum had to be compartmented into physical zones, separated from each other. All these measures are meant to be able to react as quickly as possible when a student is diagnosed with Covid-19. We will be able to very accurately put only specific groups into quarantine. In order to be able to keep up with the flow of classes and the rest of the students, all classes will be offered via online content. The on-site hours will be filled with additional content/formats and feedback but the online content should guarantee that students who have to go into quarantine can continue their studies and won’t be lagging behind. We, of course, can’t cover everything in case of quarantine scenario’s but the impact should be greatly reduced. We plan to have a strong online presence to assist students in these situations.


We choose to give every student the maximum possible amount of access to The Level. Whether to follow classes, and this can be both online or offline, or to just work together as you would do during Study nights. But this will all be restricted to your assigned “bubble” of students. Every student will be given 20u/week access to The Level. Outside these hours The Level won’t be accessible. We plan to make these 20u/week as meaningful as possible. So it will definitely be as valuable as always to stay on a dorm in the neighborhood of the Campus.


We are convinced that with these measures, next Academic Year, we will still be able to offer you the proven DAE quality people are expecting from us, regardless of Covid-19. It will require a lot of flexibility from both students and staff but as usual, together we can pull this of We are at least ready for it. Hopefully you, after a well-deserved summer break, as well. In case the exams didn’t turn out yet as planned, do take some time off first, regain your courage and focus and go for that 2nd exam chance! In name of the entire DAE Team : Stay Safe and enjoy the holidays. We would have loved to be able to shake hands and wave you out. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do this. It will have to wait till September.


And for the new students, we will welcome you all with the same level of enthusiasm as always. If, as an international student, you wouldn’t be able to make it in time to come to Belgium, we will make sure that you have enough online coaching so that you can easily catch up once you can make it to Belgium. This is a promise.


Masterchief out,